Hall Mark of Quality

How do we measure qualtiy? Our succes lies in 3 characteristics: exclusive tailoring, suitable choice of fabric and the right consultancy.

At Smart Tailor, we do not focus merely on appearance alone, we aspire to build brands, project corporate identities and build confidence. In short at Smart Tailor, you do not spend, you invest..

Exclusive Tailoring

No two people are alike. Size and proportion metters when it comes to personal appereance. Our consultants will advise on the clothes that fit you well. It's not about wearing the best, but the most ideal. It's about fitting your lifestyle, colour and the image you wish to project.


Choosing the right fabric is a complex task, unlike one would assume. With a vast choice of fabrics like cotton wool, satin, micro-fibre and many more, we'll match your needs not only according to your requirements but also to your budget. Smart Tailor is proud to have more than 100 types of fabrics to choose from.


A great shop is reflected by its consultants. Our consultants are knowledgeable and have the vast experience in the industry. It isour passion that strives us to provide the best services to you.

Our Celebrity Clients

  • Safee Sali
  • Master Chef Sabri
    Celebrity Chef
  • Ally Iskandar
    TV3 Host
  • Ahmad Fitri