Men's Accessories - Belts

belts as much of gentleman as any other accesories.Our choice of belts will provide you with plenty of options. We guarantee the quality and the value for your money.

Men's Accessories - Clips & Cufflink Sets

Cufflinks were once populor by the older generation to reflect rank. But with the new and trendy designs, cufflinks are now sought after by the younger crowd.

Men's Accessories - Shoes

We have shoes handcrafted by a professional shoemaker. Be it black or brown, our shoes are made with the highest quality leather and can be worn at almost any occasion. The best shoes are not bought off the shelf, they are measured to measure for the perfect fit.

Men's Accessories - Ties

Ties complete a business suit. They are mainly made of cotton, silk or satin. Browse through our huge collection of local and imported ties by renowned brands

Men's Accessories - Samping

The traditional Malay costume of Baju Melayu is deemed not complete without the sampin (sometimes called "samping").

Some consider this additional sarong-like cloth to be just an accessory to the traditional dress, but it is nonetheless an important complement to the Baju Melayu. It undoubtedly adds to the elegance of the traditional Malay costume.

It is an essential accessory, worn together with the Baju Melayu for completeness as well as for its aesthetic value.

Men's Accessories - Songkok

Today, like other gears, the songkok comes in many colourful variations to suit individual tastes and styles.

The more common ones are the black flat top. This can be bought ready made or it can be custom made if one wants a different felt or material.

Men's Accessories - Buttons for Baju Melayu

Buttons / Butang Baju Melayu are used by the Malay men as fasteners for their traditional baju melayu